Cut meeting reports down to what really matters

Help your sales representatives by automating the administration around reporting, and making it more accessible.

How it Works

The days of long processes for simple reports are over. Capture the feeling of face-to-face reporting while AI automatically takes and inputs data in the relevant places.


Gather and input data related to your customers.

Google Calendar

Connect meetings to your backend and manage them from your business chat.


Automatically create expense claims.

Blue Prism

Bring the power of automation to other manual and repetitive subprocesses.

The KUZEN way

We take pride in our craft as we develop tools that turn complex problems into simple ones.
Here are some of the key elements that distinguish our solution.

Chat Apps Integration

Reach your sales reps where they already are. The bot works with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, Chatwork, or other chat apps.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and manual processes on websites, databases, and business and desktop applications.

NLP systems

Understand the core of the sales reps’ messages and engage with them in a meaningful conversation.

API integrations

Connect to your existing processes and systems to improve work productivity and optimize workflow.

Try it Out

We understand that each company is unique.
Get in touch with our sales representative and let’s work out how to best apply it to your case.